Thursday, February 18, 2016


In 1975, Takara released a fun little 'gyro-sphere' vehicle to go with their new line of Microman action figures called the Mecha-Cosmo Escargot. It featured a battery powered motor, a first for the toy line, which allowed it to roll along on the ground. It also included 5mm ports in it's design to enable various attachments like machine guns and 'arms'. When the arms were attached , the overall appearance of the toy looked very much like a snail of sorts, which I assume is why the toy is called 'Escargot' - French for snail.

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Later the following year, Takara decided to retool the Escargot into a completely different toy. Thus was born Spy-Boy, a completely bastardized version of what once used to be a very cool action figure vehicle. The original design remained in tact, but the 5mm ports had now been used to transform the simple gyro-sphere into a rolling abomination of ball slinging robot baseball players...

Not only do these Baseball Machine Spy-Boys have absolutely nothing to do with the world of Microman, they are also extremely horrifying.

Just take a look at the morbid TV advertisement for these freaks...


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