Tuesday, June 23, 2015


(A 'force' filled three-way on a satellite dish)
George Lucas and his Star Wars franchise are no strangers to Japan.  Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith was the highest grossing film of all time on it's opening weekend there, so it's no surprise that Japanese advertising companies would want to cash in on the success of the popular sci-fi fantasy franchise. 

(Star Wars opens in Tokyo, 1978)
The original Star Wars film from 1977 wasn't released in Japan until a full year later, in 1978.  Following the film's success, the Hagoromo Food Corporation released this bizarre unlicensed TV commercial for it's canned "sea-chicken".

Later on, sometime between the 80's and 90's , Panasonic not only produced a series of officially licensed Star Wars themed TV commercials, they also got George Lucas to star in them...

Japanese TV ads still feature Star Wars' iconic characters in their TV commercials on a yearly basis, advertising everything from cars to instant ramen noodles.  This trend will most likely continue with the release of the upcoming new Star Wars films.  Until then, enjoy this more recently produced Nissin Cup Ramen noodle commercial featuring Yoda and a really bizarre ending tag line...

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