Friday, June 12, 2015


Just a few minutes walking distance from where I used to work in Tokyo, stands a Star Wars collector's wet dream...  STAR CASE.  

( Chillin' in front of STAR CASE on my lunch break )
I could spend a couple of hours writing about how awesome it is, show off the rarest vintage Japanese Star Wars toys and such - but instead I found an excellent video by a guy named Jason Ho, who did an excellent job filming the shop and interviewing it's owner, Yuu Katagiri, a few years ago. Check it out!

Initially I had planned to interview Katagiri-san after the Episode 7 came out to get his thoughts on Disney taking over Star Wars and how it's effected the amount of customers that come into Star Case. But once again another fellow beat me to it. Oh well, saves me a lot of time and effort ;)

Also check out STAR CASE's line of bootleg 
"sofubi" Star Wars toys, 'SPACE CONVOY':

...may the force be with you...

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