Monday, February 6, 2017


I have mostly fond memories of the animated TV show, Tiny Toon Adventures. As a kid in the early 90's, it was a regular staple of my afternoon cartoon intake after coming home from my backwoods elementary school in Kentucky. The show was always very funny to me and consisted mostly of short skits, much like it's classic predecessor, Looney Tunes. Albeit, Tiny Toons was far less violent than Looney Tunes in retrospect. 

There were many episodes and moments from Tiny Toons that have remained in my memory or subconscious for the past 20+ years, but one skit in particular aired the day before my 9th birthday on September 18th, 1991. It was the skit entitled "One Beer".

Considering violence in the original Looney Tunes episodes were mostly made up of mindless, inconsequential, slapkstick fun. Tiny Toon's One Beer, on the other hand, was probably one of the darkest segments I'd ever witnessed in an animated comedy television program produced for young children. 

The episode quickly goes from awkward hilarity to deeply horrifying within it's roughly seven minute run-time. So rather than give a detailed synopsis and in-depth analysis, just check it out for yourself. 

Unfortunately, this episode may have inadvertently turned many people into alcoholics.

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Due to YouTube copyright claims, I wasn't able to upload the video to my official YouTube channel. But please check out my other video content as well as my previous blog articles for more retro fun :)

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