Wednesday, May 10, 2017


This blog is not about religion or politics, and I do not promote hate - unless it's regarding extremely shitty toys - however this particular post deals with a video containing some rather bogus religious context, and a ton of unintentional humor.

The original video is titled Deception of a Generation and was released by Eagle's Nest Ministries in 1985. Running 93 minutes, it's a lengthy time capsule of misplaced fear and paranoia.

Hosted by California based pastor, Gary Greenwald, and featuring Turmoil in the Toybox author, Phil Phillips, together they discuss the "satanic" influence of popular cartoons and toys from the 1980's. You know, the best ones...

Specifically He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Rather than give my thoughts on the matter, I decided to edit the first segment of the video and cut out all the unnecessary banter, leaving some of the best material, allowing it to speak for itself without becoming redundant. Enjoy :)

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