Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Mark Hamill hosts a new web series entitled Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest which showcases various collectors of pop culture memorabilia, including but not limited to, vintage toys. The second episode is currently available for free on YouTube and features Japanese monster and robot collector, Scott Zillner.

The episode focuses primarily on Godzilla toys, which makes it of particular interest to me. It also gives a bit of insight into Hamill's teenage years, living in Japan as the son of a Naval officer stationed in Yokohama, where he was introduced to Godzilla in the late 1960's.

You can also catch the first episode, featuring comic artist Jim Lee and his collection of vintage toys along with DC Comic's own incredible memorabilia archive, right here. Unfortunately only the first two episodes of this cool show are available for free. If you want to watch the rest of the series you'll need to sign up for Comic-Con HQ, a streaming service similar to Netflix, but more geek oriented. Luckily they offer a free trial :)

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